Why Do I Keep Attracting The Same Kind Of Men?

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

So Amy was married to Dave. They had major issues and she got divorced. She then met Steven – it was all rosy for one year and then the same issues she had with Dave happened with Steven too. She felt disappointed with life and had no choice but to leave again. She met Mark thereafter, and guess what – the same thing happened!
She came to me for a relationship clearing session and I saw there was a soul agreement with her and Mark – I told her you both had lessons to learn together and thus the issues. Then she asked me how about Dave and Steven? How could I have soul agreements with so many men??
These are questions I’m sometimes asked by my clients, especially when they are grappling with repeating difficult relationships.

There are very interesting shifts and changes happening within human relationships these days with the internet and access to people all over the world. We have far more choices as to who we spend our time with and who we associate with.

The possibilities available to us about who to be in relationship with are quite overwhelming. We meet the same Souls, over and over again – not because we were somehow karmically “fated” or “destined” to “learn lessons” together but because we kept making the same choices, and thus continued to be a vibrational match with them.

Of course there still are many Souls that we encounter that we’ve had relationships with in past incarnations.We feel a familiarity with these Souls.Do we HAVE TO examine choice and consequences through relationship with these familiar Souls?No … mainly, because so many other people are available to us to be in relationship with!

We have to remember that our choices are OURS.

You are the problem! Not them!

Do we have to do so with the same exact Soul that we were in relationship with five lifetimes ago, when we first created the negative karma?

Nope.We can work “our stuff” out with many others Souls that are now available to us. Because it’s OUR individual “stuff” even though we may have created it while in a particular relationship.

If we encounter difficulties over and over again with ONE person, it’s easy to blame that person for all our struggles. It’s easy to make the struggle about the relationship itself, rather than acknowledging how WE are creating our own pattern of negative choice and consequence.

Amy blamed Dave for her failed marriage. She then blamed Steven. And Mark. What was common in all these relationships? AMY.

Nowadays, we have the opportunity to engage with a lot more people! And now we we have the opportunity to encounter the same difficulties over and over again – with our three husbands, the various family members we have, the different people all over the world that we may encounter in our work dealings.

If we leave behind a marriage and recreate the same exact struggle elsewhere … well, we have to take responsibility. When the same struggle arises for us, over an over again with DIFFERENT people … well, we have to acknowledge that WE are the common denominator.

Your relationship experience is all about you and you nowadays have a bigger challenge and opportunity to learn about your lesson with more souls because of the evolving world.

Interesting or not ?


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