If you have been trying to manifest something in your life that you are not attracting, if you’re focusing on your future, you might be heading in the wrong direction.

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Sometimes, it can be something from your past that’s holding you back.

It might seem contrary to conjure up the past, especially an uncomfortable memory, to create a happier future. After all, don’t you want to put all that behind you? If it was difficult, why bring it up now? Aren’t you done with that already? (especially after all the self-help you’ve already done!). Yet, healing your past can often be the quickest path to creating a happy future.

I see this all the time. A client will come to me feeling hopeless after going to doctors, therapists, and healers, doing affirmations and creating visions boards, and their lives are still not changing. Most often, there is a pattern from their childhood, or even their past lives that are preventing them from getting what they want.

For instance, if someone wants to find their soul mate and they saw their parents in an unhappy marriage, they might have a subconscious fear that being married means you are miserable. Or, someone who wants to become pregnant now who died in childbirth in their past life could have a subconscious fear about going into labor. The beauty of discovering and healing your past patterns is that it can completely liberate you to create a joyous fulfilling future.

If we look at the Akashic Records as an energetic storehouse of all-there-is, a library if you wish, it would make a lot of sense that we can also shift and transform that energy, if this is in alignment with the highest good of everyone concerned. And this is exactly what I do in my sessions. Energy work in the Akashic Records raised my work to a totally different level — I was now able to help my clients raise their vibration, and clear some major blocks that were keeping them small. At the same time I was raising my own vibration and consciousness, through exposure to this energy. It was like sitting in the sun. Whether you feel it or not, you get a raise in your consciousness.

But how does soul-level healing work? What is happening exactly when I do the clearing? What shifts can one expect after a clearing session in the Akashic Records? 

The way this universe works, we have a choice to create our own world each and every minute. Free will and the power of choice is a crucial spiritual concept, although sometimes we can experience it as limiting, or unfair. The problem is that while we make choices at the soul level, most of us were born with a major “soul amnesia”, and had no clue why we were placed into all of these terrible families, people who didn’t understand us, in violent brutal countries, having to struggle with health issues, and so on. In order to reclaim our power back, we must remember who are…

And the first step in the Akashic Record reading is exactly this, seeing and understanding the choices we had made, and the reasons why we made these choices. Even by itself, it is a very powerful paradigm shift (that may take a while to integrate — I think it took me personally a couple of years). Understanding that you, and in the majority of cases you alone, made a choice to incarnate exactly where you were born powerfully takes down the victim mentality, all the poor-me-I-must-have-killed-someone-in-my-past-life script.

That is powerful. That is big.

From my perspective, the next step is to look at some of the major issues that your soul has been struggling with lifetime over lifetime. I have a specific protocol that I follow when I look for blocks and obstructions that your soul is ready to clear at the time of the session. I am not interested in long detailed past life stories. What is important is when and how your blockages originated, and what blockages these are. Let me give you an example.

Sometimes, a soul may have chosen to experience the life of a nun, or a wandering preacher. On a personality level, we would have made a promise, before God and men, with a very strong conviction and a very distinct energetic signature, to remain celibate for the rest of our lives (and, perhaps, thinking, “for all eternity”). This promise, very often a ritualized vow, leaves a mark on the soul. Even when the personality is gone, and we have transitioned, the soul still carries the energetic signature of the vow.

As a person, on a human level, you will have no conscious memory of these vows. But your soul remembers very well! Some of the energy carries over to this lifetime (sometimes, a multitude of lifetimes), and the disconnectbetween the soul and the personality manifests as self-sabotage in the area of relationships. Now, all your relationships will somehow not work.Something somewhere will go wrong and you just can’t get intimate in your relationship or make it last.

Now that we have this awareness and knowledge of this vow that you had made, we are able to bring the power of intention into your Akashic Record, into the energy field of your soul, and ask for this vow to be cleared. And it really is as simple as that — ask and you shall receive. When your soul is ready to let go (and it’s usually the time when you start feeling dissatisfied with your current situation and start looking for spiritual solutions), these vows that no longer serve you are cleared in an instant.

What the soul-level clearing does, however, is helping you gain more clarity about your path, and give you the ability to make new and better choices. As your 3D circumstances gradually align with your soul desires and mission, you will see for yourself what a uniquely powerful and transformative journey that your soul signed up for!

Are you ready to take the leap of faith with me heal the blocks in your life, change your life forever and start living as your soul truly desired. Are you ready to manifest the life you truly want?

I hope you are. And your soul is..


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