Get To Know Me

I am a woman with many facets. 

Originally from Singapore, I now live in Kuala Lumpur with my husband and two children. Although she comes from a North Indian ethnicity, our Speaker always felt she was a global citizen and never really “fitted in” anywhere.

With a formal education in accounting, 15 years of  experience in the fashion scene of Kuala Lumpur,  to now becoming an intuitive relationship coach – she has definitely come a long way in finding herself and her passion. 

A mother of two challenging teenagers and a full time coach – she spends most of her days at home – overseeing the house, the kids and working on her budding business – which has become her passion and her newest baby. Although it consumes her, she admits that she is loving every bit if it. To her it was like like having found her life purpose and soul calling.

With an avid love for the outdoors and travel, I enjoy high intensity in everything she does. Its either 0 or 100 percent for her always. 

Extremely disciplined and self motivated, my most admirable feat to date is to have surmounted Kota Kinabalu alone. 

I describes her life motto in 3 words – Always Day One! 

I believes in this philosophy – in all areas of her life and tackles each day with renewed gusto and zest. She enjoys her gym and meditation time the most and she feels very connected to her higher self. And that makes her happy, she says.

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