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Conventional Relationship Advice Vs Intuitive Relationship Coaching

the exceptional difference
Conventional relationship coaching is EXTERNAL and RIGID.

Even if you ambivalent about you satisfaction in a relationship, how can GENERIC advice, be of any use when relationship involves a dynamic of two vastly different people. 

As an intuitive relationship coach, advice is something I help each and every client differently. MY primary purpose is to unveil to you the unconscious dynamics between you and your partner and how you both are so essentially different. I will also help you develop a new perspective on your relationship and make different choices to change your relationship and align it to both your soul blueprint.


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your relationship experience is about you

Will you believe if i told you you attracted every person and situation in your life either consciously or unconsciously. You need to own it.
You and you alone are creating all the experiences in your life. You are 100 % responsible to change it.

In relationships, they will always be good times there will be some tough ones as well.

  • While it’s fairly easy to ride the wave of the not-so-great times, what happens when the difficult times far outweigh the good ones?
  • What happens when you can’t even recall the good times anymore?
  • How do you ever get comfortable feeling so alone in your relationship that, even though you have someone by your side, there’s no one in your corner? .
  • One of the worst feelings in the world is feeling belittled. Especially in relationships. As a woman whose trying her best and who always felt great and able while growing up suddenly feels disempowered. Are you constantly trying to juggle things and people in your life and still no one is happy most especially you. Do you try so hard to feel your life is perfect but that gnawing voice that keeps saying “It isn’t perfect” “I am making compromises,” keeps echoing in your head.

In my coaching practice, I interact with women every day who feel stuck in disconnected and unhappy relationships for years – sometimes decades.

They have tried meditation, affirmations, love rituals, reiki, chakra healing, the Law of attraction, the Secret and nothing works! What are they doing wrong? 

They stay for reasons they believe are real and justified. For some, it’s the kids.
For many, it’s fear. Big, hairy, “OMG, I don’t know if I can face this” fear…
Or “I’m afraid I’ll be alone forever” fear…
Or the “Is this all there is?” fear; maybe the grass isn’t greener…

For some, it’s simply easier to stay stuck, because then they never have to take any scary action one way or the othe

Is all this true for you?

All these are mere symptoms of a repeating pattern of problem you have. You are stuck in a rut of energetic clots and negative thought forms. You have been taught fear and limitation.That things can’t always go your way.

Are you ready to take the leap of faith with me heal the blocks in your life, change your negative mindset and take new steps to start living as your soul truly desired. Are you ready to manifest the life you truly want?

Changing what’s not working in our relationships, or lovingly releasing them, takes radical courage. What makes it even harder is when we are inside the pain and disconnection of our relationships, it’s virtually impossible to see, let alone act on, a solution.

These are the reasons  I’ve devoted my career and my heart to helping women get unstuck and have the kind of deep, soulful and loving relationships they desire and deserve.

I help women either transform their relationship or get absolute clarity within 8 weeks that their answer is to lovingly release the relationship. Most women spend years on marriage counselling, complaining to girlfriends or reading every self-help book they can get their hands on and never truly finding the answers they’re seeking.

  • Counselling tends to be slow moving and more of an exploration into the past. But that doesn’t help you create a new future. (Plus, it often keeps you stuck in telling the same stories.)
  • Our girlfriends love us and mean well, but they can only tell us what they think they would do in our situation (and as you know, giving advice is so much easier than taking it and actually living it). You need your answer for your life, not their answer for your life.
  • And while books are great  if books alone could solve the issues in our marriages, would we still have the divorce rate we do?
  • The most important reason, you can’t solve what you don’t know.You need to know the real reason why your love life doesn’t feel as wonderful as you want it to be and what’s really blocking you from moving forward in a way that actually improves your relationship experience. 
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