what are you waiting for ?

I know you.

Yes you, the one who feels confused at why you let your partner dictate the choices you make in life.

Yes you, the one that is still haunted by rejection from your first relationship

Yes you, the one that has no idea how you keep ending up in the SAME relationships with different people.

Yes you, the one who jumps on the scales every morning to see how much your self worth weighs up.

Yes you, the one that avoids being alone because it terrifies you.

Yes you, the one the avoids the silence in your relationship.

Yes you, the one that is fearful of speaking up because of upsetting your partner

Yes you, the one that talks and feels like he is never listening

Yes you, the one that struggles with rocking the boat

Yes you, the one that has a hard time saying no

Yes you, the one that does not know what your yes and your no is

Yes you, the one with paralyzing racing fearful thoughts

Yes you, the one lacking boundaries

Yes you, the one that just wants to numb out with food or alcohol because feeling it all would just be too unbearable

Yes you, the one that is angry at how your life turned out and angry at your partner

Yes you, the one that knows life can be experienced more fully

Yes you, the one that knows that in order to get there you have to put the work in and show up for yourself

Yes you, the one that knows that challenging yourself out of your comfort zone will be the only way through

Yes you, the one that wants to be committed to your self evolution, your awakening, your reclamation, your competence, your visions, your dreams, your desires, your body, your POWER.

We can heal the parts of ourselves by learning how to love and accept the parts we have cast away, demonized and shamed. Innately we all KNOW what we need to get there and it really depends on if we let our fear rule over us or our intuition guide us.

.If we seek wholeness we will stumble across many healers along the way. Healing comes in many different forms whether it be a book you synchronized, a person you ran into, a therapist you had, a friend, a dream, a animal, a guide, a journal, shaman, a coach.

We seek it, we synchronize it.

In my experience, the most transformational moments for me was when I had someone I trusted show me compassion and empathy so that we could create a sacred container to let those aspects of myself out. The parts I had cast away, denied and unaccepted. These were the moments that transformed that locked up, dense energy inside of me.

I was seen.
For me. 
Not something I thought I should be.

And in came acceptance. It’s been growing and growing like a blossoming flower.

The only way out is though.

This is what I do. This is what I create in the coaching I offer.
I knew that my life, my experiences were not just for me. They were for the many others out there struggling to find their way back to themselves.

If this resonates with you don’t worry, the universe (AKA you) has your back. I am accepting a few more coaching clients and would love to hear from you.

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