My empowered Woman

Hey beautiful woman.

One of the worst feelings in the world is feeling belittled. Especially in relationships. As a woman whose trying her best and who always felt great and able while growing up suddenly feels disempowered. Are you constantly trying to juggle things and people in your life and still no one is happy most especially you. Do you try so hard to feel your life is perfect but that gnawing voice that keeps saying “It isn’t perfect” “I am making compromises.”  Keeps echoing in your head.

That feeling drives you to fearfully try and make things work – your imperfect relationship, the lack of love and commitment and just the fear of being alone.But it doesn’t seem to make your happy. Or it doesn’t last.

You have tried meditation, affirmations, love rituals, reiki, chakra healing, the Law of attraction, the Secret and nothing works for you! What are you doing wrong? Why does everyone around you seem so happy and you feel like a failure and get envious seeing your happy friends with your wonderful glorious lives.

Your relationships are unfulfilling. Your partner doesn’t understand your needs and you always feel you are compromising. You are trying so hard to please him and people around you that you have actually forgotten who you are. He doesn’t treat you well and you always have to  pretend to give in to make peace. You are at the receiving end of his taunts but just tolerate to keep the relationship going.You feel unauthentic and like a failure. You just don’t know how to solve this.

You have tried. You want to change your life and your circumstances but you don’t know how as you lack the resources. Either you aren’t financially able to or you just feel trapped emotionally in the relationship. DISEMPOWERMENT.

You find yourself at a fork in the road. You have done everything you were taught to do, You have followed the “right” path, educated yourself, found a good job, got married and gained the respect of your peers. And yet, despite all you had accomplished, you don’t feel fulfilled, you feel frustrated and confused. Is this just something everyone felt at one point or another? Are your expectations from life too high? Are you being spoiled to think that your life should provide you with the type of fulfilment and gratification you felt you are missing?

Is all this true for you?

All these are mere symptoms of a repeating pattern of problem you have. You are stuck in a rut of energetic clots and negative thought forms. You have been taught fear and limitation.That things can’t always go your way.

But I’m here to tell you it’s a LIE.

That not all your relationships are doomed. That you can learn to love yourself and your partner and thus understand and connect with him more spiritually, emotionally and physically. You can have a committed, fulfilling relationship and feel loved and cherished. You and you alone can change your life, feel limitless and powerful. All the affirmations in the world and all the law of attraction secrets wont work for you if you don’t know what your don’t know and no one has ever told you about this.

Are you ready to take the leap of faith with me heal the blocks in your life, change your negative mindset and take new steps to start living as your soul truly desired. Are you ready to manifest the life you truly want?

I hope you are. And I can teach you how.

I am Kaysha Ubrani. I am a life & relationship coach. My life was the same. I seemed to have a glorious looking life on my Facebook but deep down I was unfulfilled. I was trying hard to be a perfect mum and wife and doing things that were “right”. Right doesn’t mean aligned. And my soul used to cringe. I had everything that seemed great and wonderful to everyone around me and no one understood why I was so unhappy. Even I sometimes thought to myself – Why am I so ungrateful? Maybe I’m expecting too much from my life. But I wasn’t happy on a soul level. I had a right to be unhappy.

I was doing the “right” things – right as what society deemed. It wasn’t right for my soul. Pretending to enjoy working in my husband’s business was making me disempowered. I didn’t have my own financial freedom. Not being able to pack up and go on a retreat because I cared too much about being a “bad mum” if I did that made me give up so many things I wanted to do. Having to constantly show up at events or parties when all I really wanted to do was stay home and read was killing my soul.

When I did my soul realignment and found out how trapped my soul was, cleared my blocks and starting slowly but surely living according to my soul’s desire, things started to change. I truly feel free, liberated and have never been happier.

And I want this for you too. For each and every soul.

In an intuitive session with me, we will first see where you are right now in your life. The current way your life is a reflection of the choices you have made in the past.

You’ll learn the real reason why your life doesn’t feel as wonderful as you want it to be and what’s really blocking you from moving forward in a way that actually improves your experience. I will teach you simple steps you can take today to get aligned to your SOUL and finally start to create change in your life. We are all different at soul level – that is the key point we need to understand.

Don’t take my word for it, I invite you to experience it for yourself. To live a perfect life we need alignment. It’s nothing to do with bad luck and karma and destiny.The dissatisfaction you feel in your relationship? It’s the universe showing you something is not working. That can be really uncomfortable. And  I know you feel unclear, uncertain and afraid of trying another thing and failing again. Ive been there before too. What you need is awareness.

Awareness you can clear old patterns,  to pave way for new ones. Awareness who you are at soul level. Awareness you and you alone can change your life. With awareness, inner work and self love – there will be an incredible difference in your life.

You have the right to have the perfect relationship. You deserve the best life has to offer. If you don’t know why you keep creating the same experiences you will never stop the pattern of unhappy relationships and lack. You can visualise till the cows come home and nothing is going to work.

I can’t wait to see you change your life with this work.

Now’s the time.I REALLY care about your life.I know you can have better.

I did change my life at 40. I  have liberation and understanding in my relationships and am truly living the life I want without obligation and fear. I feel empowered and have changed the way I am treated and deal with my relationships better. So if I can do it, why cant you?

I’m offering you this mini course – Manifest the perfect your relationship. You will learn

  • The top reasons why you aren’t happy in your relationships, what the real problem is and what you are doing wrong
  • Healing and clearing past issues
  • Changing your limiting mindsets
  • The old way relationships were done
  • The new way of handling your relationship
  • Problems in modern day relationships
  • The secret formula – The 3 golden rules in all relationships – self love, love others, love each other.
  • Setting Boundaries & Evolving.

Claim your spot now and learn why the OLD SCHOOL methods of having a wonderful relationship don’t work anymore and how you can have a fulfilling deep level connection and commitment with your partner.