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supreme manifestor

We are supreme beings .If we understand our unique Supreme Human Design for manifesting, we can consciously create more of what they want.

This is a roadmap to how we are specifically designed to experience our Divinity, while individuated. This shows us how we are designed to most effectively manifest the perfect relationship through our unique set of variables. It’s what lets us access our unique aspects and the flow of limitlessness in our lives and ultimately our relationships. Remember, we create to experience ourselves, both through the choice AND the consequences of those choices.

Supreme Manifestor can be the beginning of a new and impactful journey of discovery - to understand yourself at a deeper level, how you can be the powerful creator of your reality. When you understand your unique variables – your own special and perfect design for manifesting – you will have a very clear picture of how you are designed to experience yourself in this human, third-dimensional form. By understanding how you are uniquely designed to manifest, you will also be able to spot when you are not in alignment and thus is not creating what you desire. You can then consciously adjust your manifesting process to more fully align. You can now become a conscious creator!

What you will learn

your specific and unique variables

This reading will help you to understand your supreme being variables– how you were perfectly designed and created and how you can align your course of action with your variables in order to create what you desire.

Intention, Action & Shift

Refining and setting your intentions is key. Shifting your vibrational state into alignment with your desired relationship outcome through new action over time. Creating what you want to create by attracting a new result that is in alignment with your new vibrational state.

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I need your full name (birth and current name), date of birth and place of birth. I also need your desired intention for the next 6 months for your relationship. It has be to be CLEAR & SPECIFIC. That’s all the information you need to provide me and you will receive your detailed email reading  within 3 working days.