When the term loneliness comes to our minds, we usually associate with  a person who is separated or going through  the process of separation.  You would imagine a woman living alone on an isolated island without her phone, internet and any other digital hacks. Hold on guys!I am talking about loneliness in middle of chaos ,feeling like the odd one out in all hustle and bustle.

 Sometimes we confuse both the terms solitude and loneliness, Solitude means that you are spending quality time with yourself – looking inwards is solitude. Loneliness on the other hand is a negative state or I can say feeling or emotion, Let’s be honest enough to say that we all have gone through or will go through this phase sooner or later in our lives.

By taking these simple steps or actions in our lives,   we can transform loneliness into solitude.

1. , Meditation
 Generally when this term is used,  Meditation doesn’t mean joining a centre or needing a spiritual guru. It simply means looking inwards. It means mindfulness. Just close your eyes and breathe in and out  slowly. Think about the day and imagine how you can create a better day tomorrow. You just need to close your eyes and imagine positive thought, breathe in and out. Be the master of your thoughts. 

2. Expand your horizon
 Don’t depend someone else for your happiness. Be it your partner or children or even best friend. Stop playing the blame game. This game won’t take you anywhere. No one else can  fulfil all your emotional, mental and social needs. So expand your friend circle. Don’t try to confine it to a respective gender or age group. You need friends of both genders and varied age groups to satisfy your needs and learn from all perspectives. Expand the circle and relax your emotions and I actually mean it.

3. Turn Your Hobby into Passion
Creativity does not mean you are good at sketching or painting or singing. We all are creative by birth. We all have a knack for some sort of talent but because of monotonous routines of life and responsibilities we don’t ever explore it.  No matter how difficult your life is , you can always get the time to spend some  on your hobby.  Find out what makes you happy. You will feel a peace if you do things that make you feel passionate.. Keep doing what you like doing. Make it your passion. A passionate person is never a lonely person.

4. Accept yourself in every phase of life
Maybe you feel old. Maybe your hair has become rough and dry during pre menopausal hormone changes. But how does it all matter in the big scheme of things?  Always remember you are a women of substance. Love yourself more than anyone else This woman will live with you forever. No one else will travel with you in this journey of life. Dress up as you like , wear red lipstick even if you are 60 years. Do whatever makes you and your soul happy.You are still beautiful my sweetheart. Don’t compare yourself with anyone. You are your only competition. 

5. Exercise 
 It’s scientifically proven as well any kind of exercise – whether it’s walking or brisk walking or push-ups will release happy hormones inside your brain. These will make you  feel happy for no reason. There are so many benefits of exercise. Exercising keeps your mind occupied, gives your more self confidence and you also make more friends if you join a health club or gym.

7. Social work
This doesn’t mean join any organisation or any orphanage as a helper. Just try spending a  little quality time with your next door neighbour whose a little lonely. Or you can gift your co-worker something small on her birthday. Trust me you will feel so satisfied by the smiles on their faces. Help others for no reason. Be the reason for their smile even if you are feeling low or going through pain.

8.Fake it till you make it
 Keep on smiling for no reason. Keep on faking till it becomes part of your personality.Develop a positive attitude in the lowest phase of your life. Yes it is very difficult but not impossible and once you will do it, you will emerge out as a stronger person.