is your soul healthy?

Who doesn’t struggle with the the ailments of the human body?

 Of course, the answer to this question is . NO ONE.

It is our experience of all life events—physical, emotional, social, financial, spiritual, and environmental that creates our unique sense of being human. But it is also our perceptions and experience of these events that often leaves us feeling confused, mired, and “stuck” and unable to move forward on our own.

Your soul health is an investment in your overall well-being and requires your commitment to evolve and develop your sense of conscious evolution—a moment-to-moment awareness of the meaning of events in your life that lead to an evolved way of living.

Imagine being in pain, going to the doctor, and having the doctor as you “What’s wrong?” What you experience are just mere symptoms of the root cause of a bigger issue. The solution lies in our soul. But most of us consider our Soul the eternal aspect of ourselves, untouched and unaffected by our human side. We don’t even connect and realise that it can guide us to the expression of our own Divinity

In reality, the ENTIRE fabric of our Being is affected by our choices!

Negative choices are choices that we make AGAINST our Divine self-expression and they cause a misalignment in our divine soul blueprint. These are blocks that  keep us away from our connection to the divine source.

We don’t realise that these negative choices can do damage to our Soul. We like to think that our Soul is separate from our body and stay in jobs we hate, bad relationships and live lives that are so negative and misaligned. 

Our soul is unhealthy and needs a CLEAN UP. Can the soul do it on its own? Absolutely Not! Why?. Because our Soul itself is affected! So if we look to our Higher Self to help us with Soul-level healing, we are setting ourselves up for zero progress.

In a soul CLEAN UP, we read the Akashic Records – because in them, we can read ABOUT the Soul, rather than asking the Soul itself for guidance. Since our SOUL is experiencing the symptoms, it obviously doesn’t have the answers. The akashic records do.

 The Akashic Records, we actually compare the Soul’s current blueprint with its blueprint at the moment of our origination from Divine Source. Not only that, we can then, through specific clearing work, bring the Soul’s blueprint back to its original state – thus CLEANING up the SOUL..

Because your Soul is the highest-dimensional aspect of your Being, it is the quickest to heal. This healing is immediate and offers us an  affords us an opportunity  to once again be able to follow the guidance of our Higher Self, know ourself and thus realign the rest of our human experience to our Divine self-expression.

With your Soul healthy and  free of Soul-level blocks and restrictions, you live in your divinity, become abundant and life becomes effortless.