Heartbreak happens at some point in our lives. Most of us have had had relationships which are unfulfilling after a while. We have our hearts broken and we feel shattered. We can’t move on – can’t stop thinking.Why? Can’t you move on? I recently met a client who’s a cancer survivor. She survived cancer and after a while – fell in love with the most awesome man. The honeymoon stage was beautiful and one day, he called he and said he had something important to tell her – she thought he was going to propose. But instead, he broke up saying she was too needy. She was so hurt and broken and she went into clinical depression. Why does someone whose so strong and can survive cancer flounder when they go through a heartbreak.

The fact is you heart broken and you can’t trust what your mind is telling you. You don’t know why he broke up with you. You reject the answer your head tells you. “ He called me needy?When was I needy? Oh my god, I shouldn’t have called him so often. I just missed him that’s why.” Your gut instinct comes up with theories and keep searching for reasons. Your mind tricks you. Maybe he met someone else. Maybe I’m just a horribly sick needy person. I deserve this. We reason and reason and go down the same rabbit hole.

Heartbreak is as lethal is a drug addiction. Withdrawal of romantic love activates the same emotions when we try and keep way from drugs – its scientifically proven. You can get your “heroin” so by finding out reasons for the heart break you are actually getting your fix. Stalking your ex, reading your old emails, checking his last scene and looking up his pictures are all signs of you craving your DRUG.

The bad news is addicts know they are addicted. Heart broken people do not.  And now u know it. When you stalk your ex and enjoy talking about him to your girlfriends, you are complicating your recovery.

Getting over heartbreak is not a journey. It’s a fight. Your reason has to be  your strongest argument. No rational will ever take away the pain. You need to accept it is over and put it to rest. You need closure. You need to be willing to let go and accept it’s over.

Hope is destructive and if you see even a glimmer of hope to hang on, it will make the recovery so much harder. Heartbreak is a master manipulator. It makes you idolise the person who broke your heart. It makes the loss more painful. Avoid idolising. Compile an exhaustive list of their bad qualities.

Heartbreak takes a long time to get over and 40 percent end up getting depression. It also affects us in multitude of  other ways. Some people lose their your whole social life as their whole identity as a couple is gone. They are even shy or scared to go out alone.

We need to fix our broken heart before you can actually move on. Getting into a rebound relationship definitely isn’t the answer. You must prevent mistakes that can set u back. Idolising your ex and finding reasons for the break up must be avoided. Don’t be misled by the mind.

Minimise your suffering. 

A soul clean up is what you need.

In a soul clean up, ill  identify the blocks and restrictions at the root of the present issue and clear them energetically.  This will include choices you have made in this lifetime including negative addictions and patterns with other souls.  I will also identify common limiting beliefs including any related programs, karmic imprints and illusions that are causing the patterns to perpetuate in your life and remove them. I will also clear vows/pacts/contracts with other souls which are keeping you stuck in this repeating pattern. Removing compassionate connections and outdated soulmate contracts as well as removal of all related hooks, cords and energetic entanglements which are no longer in alignment with your souls divine blueprint can be a useful after ending a relationship and to call in a new relationship.

You will begin to experience past life and childhood memories coming up to be purged along with all the related heartbreak trapped emotions.  All of which can be quite a roller coaster.  This clearing can help remove the energetic baggage and give you clarity so you can move forwards in your journey and be cleared on the soul level.