happy client, happy me.

Last night as I was walking out the door to go out, I got a message from one of my private clients in another country. I opened it and all I saw was her finger with a ring on it and the words, “I said YES!”

I sat down and thought. HARD. Seven months ago this client (more to come on her story later) cried on a call with me and told me love was too hard, her man wasn’t coming and she felt lonely and unwanted. I cleared her love blocks, gave her self love assignments and reminded her that it’s often right before our biggest breakthrough that our biggest breakdown might happen. She hung in there, persisted, was brave AF and met her man a few weeks later. Her man treats her so well it’s almost like a fairy tale.

When I started my business all I wanted was to help women who had been abused or cheated on learn to love and trust men again and get empowered. I think most men are good at their core and I just wanted to teach women that. I wanted women to believe in men – their goodness, their virtue, their loyalty, their deepness, how much they really want to take care of women. Not all the apples turn out rotten.

My business is so enriching. I’ve helped women ALL over the world love their life, find empowerment in love, get aligned to their true authentic self. I can’t believe I get to do this everyday. I can’t believe this is my life. I can’t believe women are getting empowered finding themselves because of the work THEY DO and how powerful they see they really are.

My heart is bursting with gratitude and I love this life. ❤️

Are you ready to change your experiences in life especially with love?