Find your Passion

9 years ago I started a new business – a high end designer kids store in Pavilion mall carrying labels like Versace Kids, Little Marc Jacobs, Junior Paul Gaultier, Hugo Boss Kids and Ed Hardy Kids.

I enjoyed my trips to Milan and Paris and of course the glamour of the job – loved the clothes as well. Organising kids fashion shows was so fun. . I organised 30 kids – friends children mostly to do a ramp walk.

However there was something missing within me.

I was unfulfilled and the main reason for this was I was too busy trying to live someone else’s life, not my own. Being a retailer was never my calling.

We spend more time trying to be like other people rather than invest in our genuine selves and find out who we are.

Find what you love and what the world needs, then combine them

Passion is more than just this burning feeling inside of you. It’s a foundation that is rooted deep into your heart. It’s what makes you who you are and when you are not cultivating it well, you become depressed and miserable.

It’s this passion that calls you into the extraordinary life you were created to live and through you talents and skill, you can begin to take the bold action of living out your calling.

Your calling isn’t some step-by-step formula. It’s a compass that points your life towards the right destination and it’s your responsibility to figure out how you will get there.

It’s a messy process of digging deeper and deeper within yourself. You’ll fail plenty of times, but it’s all those failures that will point you in the right direction.
So roll those sleeves up and get your hands dirty because it’s time to get digging.

And today- I feel fulfilled. I have found my calling and every working day feels greater than the other because I have found “it”

Your calling is very hard to discover. It would be much easier if our lives came with a manual that clearly showed you what your passions and talents are with instructions on what to do with them.

The harsh reality is it doesn’t, so you probably ended up settling for a life that really doesn’t fulfill you.

So why exactly are most of us stuck in our lives only existing rather than living with purpose?