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What is Intuitive Relationship Coaching?

Relationship coaching is a life coaching specialisation that helps people find greater fulfilment in their personal relationships. A relationship coach can help you set relationship goals, understand your current partnership, thrive inside your relationship, grieve a lost loved-one, take your long-term romance to the next level or help you decide to leave your toxic relationship without regret.

For some relationship coaches, it is not necessary to work with both partners in a relationship. Coaching helps clients let go of their own painful thoughts, and create their own relationship vision. This means clients are able to enjoy a satisfying relationship even without their partner’s participation in the coaching process.

Relationship coaches also work with people who are not yet in a relationship. They will work with singles who have a history of troubled relationships, who have difficulty knowing what they want in a relationship or just want to stay on track with their plan to find a deeper connection with someone.

Other coaches meet with both partners and teach communication, conflict resolution and other coaching tools meant for couples.

Relationship coaches, just like life coaches, take healthy people and make them high performing. A relationship coach can help you quickly uncover the essence of what you want out of a partnership, guide you around painful issues, and create a safe cocoon as you face your fears and discover your true desires. 

I am an intuitive relationship coach.  I go beyond just discussing your issues but also use my best tools to find out about your shared past life history and karma, soul contracts, life lessons and all the negative blocks your relationship is affected by at the moment and clear it. energetically.

is Intuitive Relationship Coaching the same as couple's therapy?

Intuitive relationship coaching is not “couples therapy,” just as life coaching is not psychotherapy. If therapists are surgeons, coaches are personal trainers.

If you’re having relationship troubles, as an intuitive coach I  might help you clear up your past and present life blocks, remove your negative mindsets and misconceptions and get some perspective or set inspiring new goals. However, in the case of problems with debilitating mental illness, couples therapy would be recommended.

Unlike therapy, intuitive relationship coaching rarely requires you to re-tell your childhood story – it shows up when I do a clearing for you.

For me, it is not necessary to work with both partners in a relationship reading or coaching. Coaching helps clients let go of their own painful thoughts, and create their own relationship vision. This means clients are able to enjoy a satisfying relationship even without their partner’s participation in the coaching process – your relationship experience is all about you, remember that .


Can an intuitive relationship coach save my relationship?

Intuitive relationship coaching might help untangle love knots, but it doesn’t purport to “save” relationships. Coaching clarifies relationship issues – separating what we can control with what we cannot. It brings the bright light of awareness into the hidden corners of resentment, fear and avoidance.

Even if only one spouse decides to hire a coach, when he or she lets go of mental suffering, the burden on the relationship could also be lightened.

Relationships often benefit from intuitive clearing & coaching, but each remember each relationship has its’ own unique set of difficulties and involves 2 people, so it is impossible to say whether or not a relationship will grow stronger through the process.

 No one is responsible for your relationship experience and success except you and making it the responsibility of the coach to “save your relationship” isn’t an ideal client I would work with either.

How do I choose a relationship coach?

Contrary to what many clients expect, geographic proximity is not always important when looking for a coach. Many relationship coaches work over the phone, via email and through online teleconferencing services like Skype and Zoom, which allows for greater flexibility for both coach and client. It also makes the pool of prospective coaches much larger. You can often hire a coach who lives in your city as easily as one who lives across the country. Finding the right “fit” is much more important than the location of that coach.

As an intuitive relationship coach, I help each and every client differently. My primary purpose is to unveil to you the unconscious dynamics between you and your partner and how you both are so essentially different. I help you develop a new perspective on your relationship and make different choices to change your relationship aligned to both your soul blueprints. Its personalised, individualised and deeper than what we see on the surface.

I offer a free truth and clarity call , which allows you to chat with me before choosing if we are the right fit. When looking for a relationship coach, you might seek out someone you can relate to, who you enjoy talking to and who has experience or training in your particular concerns.


How much does relationship Coaching cost?

A relationship reading is USD 199. This is sometimes all you need to clear congestions and incongruences in your relationship from past and present life.

If you decide to work long term with me we could sign up a package of multiple sessions spread out over a period of time. I also offer online and group coaching as a part of my practice.

Find out more – get on a truth and clarity call with me.