If you have a desire to attract a certain kind of man, it’s because you are meant to have him.

Having a delay in him showing up does NOT mean that you should be less picky or selective about the kind of man you want.

You already know in your heart exactly what you are looking for. You know the exact kind of man that brings you SO much joy when you think about him. You feel on fire when you imagine sharing this life with him.

Please do not settle when it takes longer than you would like or when your family/friends think your idea of a man is too perfect and that’s why he hasn’t materialised. Having standards and knowing what you want is not the same as perfection.

Please do not stop desiring the man who you feel so excited about because no one around you has this kind of relationship. Don’t be afraid to be the leader and go first.

It’s ok for you to hold onto your vision and to stay with it even when you have moments of doubt. Learn to still believe even when it looks like it might not happen.

Make the decision to only talk to people who believe in your vision and have hope for your future. Don’t let people who don’t have what you want hold space for your dream. If they can’t create it for themselves, they often have a hard time imagining you can create it.

Up level your belief in love by deeply surrounding yourself with people who believe in it. Who love love. Who celebrate love. Who know love isn’t perfect but think it’s damn worth every minute in this life anyway. Let their faith up level you and give you lots of hope.

Know that it is not an option for you to NOT meet your man in this lifetime. You both chose this lifetime at this time to meet one another and to commit so it’s not a question of if but a question of when. Know that you cannot fail in your journey to meeting him. Any moment now!