What Exactly Are The Akashic Records?

What exactly are the Akashic Records and how can they help us? 

Read my blog to clear your misconceptions and learn about this magical resource that can help you uplevel your life.

What are the Akashic Records?

Many people access the Akashic Records in search of guidance.That sounds like right, doesn’t it? Not at all. It’s actually a terrible idea to see the Akashic Records as a source of guidance that can help or guide us in our life. The Akashic Records are a database that hold information, not guidance. The Akashic Records are a database of every choice ever made. Each choice is recorded, in the records which is the hard drive. We can access the information but asking a hard drive to interpret the information wouldn’t yield anything useful, right?The difference may seem subtle, but makes all the difference! Imagine walking into a library, standing in the middle of it and asking the library to help or guide you. That would be a bit silly, right? The library can’t do that! Because, of course, the library simply holds information. It can’t give you answers.It’s just a place where you can find information. You can search through the information and find the specific information you are looking for but it is up to you to piece the information together into answers abased on your interpretation. So remember the Akashic Records is just a tool – with the right intention and protocols you use the tool and find useful information.

Where are the Akashic Records?

Where the Akashic Records located? The idea that the records are a library that holds information give the impression that the Akashic Records are in a certain physical place. In reality, the Akashic Records are abstract in nature. Many people think they are outside themselves in an attempt to make them seem more concrete, and have thus  created a disconnection from this wisdom source.The Akashic Records are everywhere. They are contained in the fifth-dimensional aspect of all of us and connects us all. The Internet is the best analogy for the records – it is the information super-highway that can be accessed from anywhere. Your Akashic Records is right where you are sitting, right now. They are you.

Can I access anyone’s Akashic Records?

You can’t access anyone’s Akashic Records without their permission. It really is that simple, this is because you have no business being in anyone’s Akashic Record.Thankfully, the Akashic Records are a guarded place! You may think they are “in” and receiving accurate information, but you are mistaken! Without permission, your intention is definitely wrong. The intention is curiosity and thus the information you will  receive will be very “curious.” It won’t be accurate! So assure your clients, no-one can access their Akashic Records without their permission. 

Can I really access the akashic records and am I ready to ?

Many spiritual seekers feel that the Akashic Records can’t be accessed by “normal” people. I often have prospective students telling me that they have heard that the Akashic Records can only be accessed by “enlightened souls.” This is a myth. In reality, each and every one of us is already connected to the Akashic Records! Each of our souls has its own Akashic Record … so if you have a soul then you are already a part of the database.This means access is absolutely available to you. You can indeed access the Akashic Records for others once you have their permission.

And are you ready to dive into the Akashic Records?Yes absolutely. Being aware  that the Akashic Records exist is the first step.Most people have never even heard of the Akashic Records. In fact, most people will never ever have awareness of the existence of the Akashic Records in this lifetime. If awareness of the Akashic Records has entered your consciousness (perhaps even via this blog), this means that you are most certainly ready. Also you must be interested. You need to have the desire to delve into the Akashic Records

To serve others as well as your own spiritual development. Wanting to access the records only for fun or curiosity is an egoic phenomenon – that’s the real reason why the Akashic Records seem  unaccessible to most people. The Akashic Records reflect our intention back to us. If you enter the records out of curiosity, then you will end up receiving nothing but incomplete or haphazard pieces of information that create even more curiosity – but absolutely nothing that is actionable or practical.If you have awareness of the Akashic Records, and the desire to access them in order to serve not just yourself but also others … then you are definitely ready to do so! But availability and readiness are NOT enough. 

While are we spiritual beings and can access the records, our minds need actual training on how to do it. And no, picking up a book from Amazon is not going to give you enough training to quality you to read for others, especially if you wish to do so professionally. I know this, because I get many, many emails from seekers who are heartbroken because they can’t access the Akashic Records. They think this resource isn’t available to them when in reality, they simply lack the proper training needed to read the records accurately. Lastly, you need to know exactly what you are looking for. If you simply “open up” the records without a specific intention, you will get vague, generalised information that could apply to anyone. This is, unfortunately, the experience most clients have when they go for an“Akashic Records reading” – the information isn’t specific. Learning this professionally gives you a highly organised frame of protocols so that the reading has transformational value for your clients.


How to interpret the Akashic Records accurately ? What red flags to watch out for?

The Akashic Records are a fifth-dimensional, energetic database.In order for us to receive anything useful from the records at all, we must translate all the fifth-dimensional  information into fourth-dimensional to access it. Depending on how your intuition works, either language or visual images, you will receive the  “information” that you can understand and thus use for your clients you need to understand you are the medium who interprets this energetic information from the Akashic Records to the clients. For example. percentages just don’t exist in the Akashic Records. It’s a mental construct, this idea of dividing something into 100 parts! Similarly, the Akashic Records don’t understand concepts such as “better” or “good” or “best.” 

In the Akashic Records, everything that is chosen is seen as perfect … because we created it, through free will and choice, and the records do nothing but record. The records don’t “rate” our choices, or judge them! If we ask the Akashic Records about a “best” course of action, we will definitely get an inaccurate answer. Also linear time does not exist in the Akashic Records. So if you are asking questions about timing, your intuition must draw on your personal, mental framework of time to answer those questions. If you have an inaccurate concept of how long something might take – due to wishful thinking or lack of experience, then that inaccuracy will be reflected in the information you receive. Similarly, if you believe something could “never” happen, the Akashic Records can’t argue with you! The most important aspect of Akashic Records accuracy is your interpretation of it.

I have created a set of comprehensive protocols that allow you to interpret the Akashic Records in a practical way that gives accuracy. At the end of the day, everything has to make sense. The more you stick to the protocols, the more specific the information you will  receive from the records. If you get into the Akashic records without the right protocols, it will lead to inaccurate and vague readings.

Think of the Akashic Records like a search engine.You have to know the proper way to log on to that search engine, and you have to know the right keywords to search for. And if you do, accurate information will come up for you. Just like Google only gives you search results based on the keywords you enter, the Akashic Records only give you what you are specifically looking for. And just like Google, to access the Akashic Records you need to have the right intention!Accessing the Akashic records is tricky, yet very powerful. If we come into the Akashic Records with a vague intention, your “search results” will be inaccurate.

Also all too often our mind gets in the way. Our minds are masters of rationalisation. As much as we try to be objective, we have opinions about ourselves. Our mind holds beliefs and perspectives about everything – from money to relationships!

If we’re going to effectively use our intuition, we must be willing to accept our mind’s limiting beliefs  and our lack of objectivity, before we can begin to trust our accuracy. Oddly enough, the path to intuitive accuracy entails our willingness to be completely wrong! We have to be willing to examine the intuitive guidance we receive and ask ourselves whether our mind is getting in the way.

Red flags :-

1.The solution to your relationship problem cannot be solved simply by clearing blocks in the Akashic Records. Why? Because you can’t solve a third-dimensional problem with a fifth-dimensional spiritual solution. By accessing the Akashic Records, we can clear the energetic block your relationship has but that alone will resolve the relationship. Any problem that has manifested itself in the physical dimension is going to take physical effort to resolve. If you want to create a new result at the physical dimension – a better relationship n- it’s going to take physical effort and action to create that new result! There are no shortcuts. If you feel by simply clearing the blocks the relationship will magically get better, that is inaccurate.

2.Someone else is going to create results for you. No one will work to make your relationship better except you. I run into a lot of clients who feel I am their healer or messiah. They think once they have paid, I would be doing the “work” for them. I tried to break it to them gently that new results only show up when they shift into a new vibrational state through new action … and nobody else can do that for them. You have to work on your own relationship. Things won’t just get better without you actually making any new efforts to make the relationship work. If your “intuition” is telling you that your results will come to you from someone else, the information you are receiving is inaccurate.

3. I am special. Universal law is universal. It applies to everyone. Sometimes our intuition tells us we are “ special”. If you notice that your intuition is telling you that you are more special than any other person, smack it and tell it to get over itself because you are most certainly getting inaccurate information. We all play by the same rules.”

Is using the Akashic Records a quick-fix to my problems?

Access to the Akashic Records helps make our lives smoother, and helps us get to our goals with greater ease and grace. They will certainly tell us how to do so efficiently and effectively. But we still need to do our third-dimensional work. We need to be prepared to take action and to shift our physical experiences through conscious effort. 

So no, if you think the Akashic Records is a “quick fix” for your  difficult relationship problem, it is not. Nonetheless the Akashic Records can indeed assist us but they are definitely not a quick-fix.


Can we clear karma in the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records themselves are, essentially, a karmic library of sorts. Karma is simply the progression from choice to consequence and the Akashic Records stores all our choices and our consequences from beginning in time. When we do clearing work in the Akashic Records are we “clearing karma?”

The answer is “yes and no.”We absolutely are empowered to clear the energies of past choice and consequence  in the Records but we cannot do so without circumventing the laws of karma.

See, in order to effectively clear the records, two ingredients are absolutely necessary. Firstly, we must take full responsibility for the choices we made, in this lifetime or another, that created the consequences we are currently experiencing. In order to take full responsibility, we also have to have consciousness of what choices created what consequences.If we were able to simply “clear karma” within the Akashic Records without having full consciousness and taking 100% responsibility of what we are clearing, we’d essentially be trying to circumvent the laws of karma! It would create havoc and the balance of karma would be thrown off.If, on the other hand, we have full consciousness and understanding of choice and consequence and acknowledge how we ourselves have created our own experience – not just in general, but in specific details pertaining to “real life” circumstances – then karma has essentially fulfilled its purpose. 

Simply clearing it It from our Akashic Record only gives us an opening to change. If we still persist in making the same choices in our third-dimensional lives that we’ve always made – we’ll simply set back into motion the patterns we have cleared.Clearing work in the Akashic Records opens the door but we still have to, through new choices, walk through that door into new possibilities to change karma.

Can I change my relationships be adjusting my records in the Akashic Records?

We have agreements with other souls to learn lessons and that is why we encounter the same souls, over and over again. One is because we are somehow karmically fated to learn lessons together and two because we keep making the same choices, and thus continue to be a vibrational match for one another.  That is why we kept attracting one another!We have to remember that our choices are OURS. If we incur karma while making choices within a relationship, the karma is ours.  After all, karma is just the system of choice and consequence.  We make the choice, we manifest the consequence. If we encounter difficulties over and over again with ONE person, it’s easy to blame that person for all our struggles. It’s easy to make the struggle about the relationship itself, rather than acknowledging how we are creating our karma.

We can go into the Akashic Records and understand how we are creating karma through choice in our relationships and thus change it with new choices!

How can the Akashic Records help my client manifest their perfect relationship?

The Akashic Records are incredibly important to reliably and consistently manifest what we want! Here’s how the Akashic Records serve as a resource for effectively manifesting our intentions: There are three distinct sets of “laws” that we must follow.

1. The physical level change. For example, if you want to manifest a new relationship. At the physical level, you must take practical action steps to create your new reality.

2. Myth about karma. Most people believe by being “good” and doing “good” things they generate good karma. This is totally inaccurate. We all know that bad things happen to good people all the time! Why? We can use the Akashic Records to find out why! With the right protocols we can trace the problems in your current relationship not just to the choices you have made but also to the past life in which these negative karmic patterns originated. The Akashic Records are a database of all the choices we’ve ever made throughout the history of your Soul. When you start tracing karmic patterns over the course of lifetimes, you develop an incredible understanding of exactly how the problems arose and how you created that problem through choice. The more you study patterns within the Akashic Records, the more skilled you become at making choices that will create the relationship we want. You will also learn how to avoid choices that will create future problems. The Akashic Records teach you the laws of karma and you can leverage on these laws to create the reality you want.

3. We all are different. Each of us, at Soul-level, is designed to manifest differently. Each of us has a unique and highly specific rule of how we manifest with ease, and how we create struggle in our relationships. Our Souls are like snowflakes … we are all unique. Without understanding our soul’s design for manifestation, the whole process will be a hit or miss!Fortunately, we can access the soul’s design for manifestation in the Akashic Records and create the perfect relationship we want.

The Akashic Records open your eyes to who you truly are and your place in the grand scheme. Some of you will be greatly surprised, and others will feel a strong familiarity and reconnection with what you knew but had forgotten.
Kaysha Ubrani