Intuitive Life Coach

Kaysha Ubrani

Mother. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Entrepreneur. Mentor. Coach. Teacher. Businesswoman. Intuitive. Simply Human.

I am wildly passionate about helping women (and men) up-level their lives so that they can live in abundance, which is their birthright.
Energy flows where attention goes
Kaysha Ubrani

About Kaysha

Having my ancestral roots in undivided India (Sindh), grown up in sunny Singapore and currently spending my time between Kuala Lumpur, Scotland and London, I truly feel like a cosmopolite. 

I used to dream of a job which made me feel passionately compelled to help and also allowed me to work from anywhere in the world and now I have it. I value freedom, honesty and compassion and in that particular order.

Professionally, I am an intuitive life coach helping women (and you would be surprised quite a few men) improve, heal or release their struggling life problems.

I am a certified advanced soul realignment practitioner, reiki grandmaster teacher and healer, tarot and angel card reader, emotion and body code practitioner, erotic blueprint coach and family constellations practitioner. I am currently pursuing my clinician course in German New Medicine. (GNM)

GNM is a “New Natural Science” that helps us to understand the origin of a disease from the biological reaction to an unanticipated event that affects a specific part of the brain and simultaneously the connected organ.  Using this life changing modality to help my clients is where I see myself in the next decade.

I believe to never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

Using these various modalities i have learnt over the years – intuitive and logical and my decades of life experiences, I help my clients navigate their lives better and live a life of alignment and purpose. 

I plan to start an NGO someday to help women become financially independent so that ALL WOMEN get a chance to become empowered to live a life by design, not default.

What I Can Offer You

Intuitive Life Coaching & Mentoring

Are you struggling in a lonely and disconnected life? Let me help you get clarity and confidence so that you can fix your life and move forward towards abundance in every area of your life. It is your birthright.

A New Business Opportunity

Do you long for a career that you feel passionate about, where you can be your own boss, have the freedom to design your own path, and work your own hours? I can help you, like I have helped many other women carve out a new career. It is never too late in life to start a new career.

Working 1-1 With Kaysha

My life goal is to empower human potential in each and every one, and that begins with clearing and healing on a soul level, which is the key. 

Feel free to check out my one to one offers. These highly effective services and programs can EMPOWER you to grow on all levels of your awareness and live a life of abundance and alignment. I offer appointments as single session or as part of a coaching package.


Doctor Aphrodite Relationship Coaching Institute (DARCI)

DARCI is a 10 week online course to give you a new career as a relationship coach from scratch.

DARCI is for anybody who is passionate about relationships, wants to become her own boss and work at her own flexibility whilst having job satisfaction, personal growth and financial independence all at the same time.  No experience required just a burning desire and passion to do something new and change your life. Get on a call with me to find out more about how you can start a new career TODAY.


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