Intuitive Life, Relationship & Business Coach

Kaysha Ubrani

I wear many hats – mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, entrepreneur, mentor, coach, businesswoman and an intuitive. 

I am wildly passionate about helping women up-level their lives, relationships and finances.

About Kaysha

Perosnally, I am… a wife to a supportive man. A good friend to some inspiring, kick-ass women. A mama to two very challenging teenagers, Rivaa and Aarav. An aunt. A sister. A daughter. I used to dream of a job which made me feel passionately compelled to help and also allowed me to work from anywhere in the world. And now I have it.  I value freedom, honesty and  compassion and in that particular order.

Professionally, I am… a certified success coach helping women (and you would be surprised quite a few men) improve, heal or release their struggling relationships. I am also a certified advanced soul realignment practitioner – where I intuitively clear the blocks in your life, especially in your relationships. I combine logic and intuition and of course my 20 years of “relationship experience” to advise women on their next step when they are in dire need of a solution. With these skills, I have developed a relationship institute called Doctor Aphrodite which offers women a transformational business programme foe who to uplevel their lives, relationships and businesses.


What I Offer Every Woman?

Soul and Relationship Coaching

Struggling in a lonely and disconnected life? Let me help you get clarity and confidence so that you can fix your life or move forward towards abundance in every area of your life

A New Business Opportunity

Do you long for a career that you feel passionate about, where you can be your own boss, have the freedom to design your own path, and work your own hours?

Working 1-1 With Kaysha

You have a lack in your life? Helping you overcome that lack is my promise.

Are YOU satisfied with your life? Are you living a life that is aligned with what you really want to experience? Are you not holding back? Do you feel ALIVE? Do you feel that you are experiencing all parts of you in all parts of your life – your soul, your finances and most importantly your relationships?  

Find out more about the  1 to 1 coaching services I offer.

Doctor Aphrodite Relationship Coaching Institute (DARCI)

A 10 week online course ho show you how to start your own relationship coaching business from scratch.

DARCI is for anybody whose passionate about relationships, wants to be her own boss and work her own hours with a rewarding job in one of the highest-paying home-based entrepreneurial careers that gives you job satisfaction, personal growth and so much more.

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